Online Ordering System Features

Ordering Features Overview

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.

phone ordering

Ordering Page

Have your own branded online ordering page for pick-up/take-out and delivery. Setup each as needed based on your business.

Admin Dashboard

A clean, clear and easy to use admin dashboard for all your ordering management needs.

Online Payments

Online payments ensure you receive payment before the kitchen starts to prep using your own merchant accounts.

No Long Term Contracts

At Diner Websites we don't lock you into any long term contracts. It's month-to-month, can cancel anytime.

Affordable Pricing

Some POS systems charge high monthly rates and large percentage fees per transaction. We charge a flat affordable monthly fee.


Diner Website Ordering integrates with credit card processing, social media and everything lean you need to get the job done.

Regular Updates

You get all the software updates at no charge, even the new features and benefits.

Optional Hardware

Although our software work seamlessly on existing hardware, we recommend and have low cost dedicated hardware available to improve timely order delivery to the kitchen.

Awesome Support

We're here to help. If you have any questions or need help, reach out to us and well get right back to you.

Order Features

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.


Order Types

Pickup / To-Go Orders

Allow guests to easily place pickup and to-go orders for immediate pickup or schedule for a later time within your open hours.


Order for in-house delivery services. Save money over the portal sites and provide your own delivery services.

Dine-in & Room Service

Guests can place orders directly from their tables, or use QR codes to improve user experience.


Guests can request table reservations online and stay updated on the status via e-mail.

Ordering Experience

Order History

Logged in guests can view their order history and quick place re-orders.

Express Checkout

Guests can easily re-order from previous orders from their previous order history.

Guest Checkout

Guests can checkout without logging in or creating an account. For some, this is a good option.

Real-Time Order Receipt

Receive orders immediately so they can be prepared as soon as possible.

Customer Email Receipts

Guests are emailed receipts of the order.

Social Logins

Easily and quickly login with a single click using a social media accounts, like Facebook or Google.

Order Management

Accept Orders Anytime

Receive orders online 24 hours a day, for delivery or pickup during business hours.

Order Status

Specify order status on the order so everyone knows exactly where it is in the process.

Automatic Status

You can set up an automatic status on the order based on time-frame so you don't have to manually manage every step.

Conditional Fees

Add fees based on conditions within the admin, like time of days and other criteria.

Robust Notifications

Guests are emailed receipts of the order.

Delivery Management

Accurate Delilvery Times

Delivery times can be specified to and setup so you can get the orders timed perfectly.

Custom Delivery Pricing

Set custom pricing for delivery or pickup based on your business requirements.

Delivery Conditions

Set times and days delivery is available, or quickly and easily turn delivery off if no driver is immediately available for the scheduled times.

Promos & Coupons

Promotional Codes

Optionally set up promotional codes for use in social media or anywhere to promote your new ordering system.

Automatic Promos

Have promotional and discount code automatically applied based on the criteria and products in the cart.

Promo Rules

Setup custom promotional rules for usage of promotional codes, like time of day, products or order total.

Age Restrictions

Age Verification

Enable age restriction to allow registered customers to submit their ID for approval by your staff.

Age Restrict Menus

Only approved customers can order from age-restricted menus. Perfect for use in bars or clubs.

Manage & Revoke

Easily retain and view customer's IDs for future use. Revoke age approval for a customer if needed.

Ordering Design Features

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.


Mobile Friendly

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Custom Domain

Make your ordering page an extension of your website with a custom branded domain.

Access to Google Fonts

Easily change the fonts with access to 100's of Google fonts.

SSL Secured

All ordering sites and admins are secured with SSL certificates.

SEO Friendly

Clean design, runs fast and correctly formatted HTML and SEO tags.

Custom CSS & JS

We can customize the look and feel of the order page with your company branding and design.

Link from Existing Website

You may use the order page as your main website or link to it from your diner website.

Customize Images & Colors

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Ordering Admin Features

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.


Online Admin Dashboard

One place to control all the order management and menus.

Accessible on All Devices

The ordering admin dashboard works well on all devices and optimized for an in-store tablet.

Staff Admin Accounts

Setup admin accounts for your staff to help process orders and retain accountability.

Real-Time Order Management

Manage orders without page reloads or waiting. The orders automatically pop-in and print.

Robust Notifications

Notifications can be sent via email, app notification, and automatic printing so you don't miss a thing

Easy To Use

No confusing interfaces and complicated admin. It's all simple drag and drop designed to work on a tablet.

Sales Reports

Get clarity into your sales and trends and performance data.

Data Export

This is your data. Unlike the portal sites, we provide you with your customer data. Export it and do what you like with it.

Menu Management Features

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.


Multiple Menus

Maintain multiple menus for lunch, dinner and special occasions.

Menu Conditions

Set conditions, like type of order and dates and times for specific menus.

Item Customization

Advanced customization on menu items for options, meat types, size, meat cooking temperature, etc.

Variable Pricing

Set different pricing based on items options.

Combo Meals

Combine menu items and meals into meal combos quickly and easily.

Menu Item Flags

Flag menu items with your own special tags; like new, spicy, vegan, for easy guest identification.

Menu Item Status

Set status on menu items, out of stock and hidden from the menu.

Ordering Customer Features

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.


Order History

When a customer is logged in they will be able to see all their previous order history.

Quick Re-orders

Guest can re-order all their previous order easily for fast checkout.

Online Payments

All orders are pre-paid in advance to avoid complications and for a smooth process.

Guest Accounts

Guests can checkout without creating an account if they don't want to provide too much personal contact information.

Customer Analytics

Get details on your customers, like total orders, name, email, phone, total sales, etc.

E-Mail Accounts

Guests can create and manage their accounts with an email address and password.

Customer Notifications

Customers receive customizable receipts and order notifications.

Social Accounts

For quick account creation and checkout, guests can use their existing Facebook or Google to log in.

Data Export

Keep your data. Unlike the portal sites, all the customer data is yours. You can download it and do what you want with it.

Order Printing Features

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.

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Automatic Order Printing

Orders are automatically printed to your printer on receipt of the order, so you don't miss a single order.

Manual Order Printing

Optionally, you can print or re-print any order at any time.

Customizable Receipts

Modify the receipt to add your branding and logo.

Multiple Printers

Printed orders can be automatically sent to as many printers as needed. For example; a printer at the front desk, one in the kitchen and one to the main office.

Designed for Thermal Printers

The orders are formatted so they can be printed on receipt paper convenient for use with kitchens and receipts.

Ordering Integrations

An Affordable, Simple, Easy-to-Use Power Restaurant Ordering Platform.


Online Payments


Capture online payments for VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Use your own Stripe merchant account.


Connect to your own PayPal account to easily accept PayPal payments. A great alternative payment option for many users.


Accept Credit Cards. Card Connect is a the payment process of Wells Fargo.

Social Platforms

Facebook Accounts

Guests can create an account with a single click using their Facebook account.

Google Accounts

Guests can create an account with a single click using their Google account.

Facebook Pixel

Track all pixel events in your online store and connect to all that Facebook data.

Other Services

Open Street Maps

Mapping Service used for location services.

Tookan Delivery Management

Automatically create delivery requests in your Tookan account for new delivery orders.

Google Maps

Mapping Service used for location services.

Google Analytics

Track traffic and analytics for your ordering page.

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