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How Events can Increase Business for Your Restaurant

Restaurants can increase traffic and boost business with events.

There are different types of events; private events, like an anniversary, or public events, what we’re primarily going to be talking about here. These are events that compliment the food you already serve. The idea is to get more publicity and more customers in the door.

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

1. Increase business and traffic by giving visitors a reason to come in

An event at your restaurant gives visitors a special reason to visit your restaurant. It’s something for guests to share, talk about and it builds curiosity. Even though your regular guests may love the ribs, it gives them another reason to visit. Sort of like a bonus.  If not for the event, they may select a different restaurant that night.

2. Increase audience reach

Marketing a special event allows your restaurant to reach new and different audiences that normally may not be reached with regular marketing. By offering different events, you’ll likely pique the interest of visitors that may not normally or regularly visit.

Once new visitors experience the event and restaurant, there’s a likelihood a percentage of that new audience will return in the future.

This ultimately leads to an increase in traffic of guests to your restaurant.

3. Additional marketing opportunities

Events offer special advertising opportunities for your brand. It’s something new and exciting for restaurant-goers to experience and will likely be more effective than the regular steak dinner ad that everyone else is doing.  However, an advertisement with an invitation to a special event will create additional interest in your restaurant.

4. Increased ticket size with the event

When guests come for an event, they are likely to stay for the duration of the event. For example, a comedy show or band, who walks out during a comedy show, unless the comedian is really bad. While guests are entertained, they’re likely to enjoy the event with additional beverages, food, and snacks.

This will result in an increase in the ticket size and filled seats.

5. Improve revenue on slow days

There are some thin business days for almost all businesses. Events are a great way to increase business on those slow days.  For the restaurants, such days may come more often depending on the market, location, and the clientele. On such days, a public event can keep your cash registers ringing. Having a schedule of public events during off-peak hours can be a good strategy for your restaurant to keep doing a good business.

6. Charge for Tickets or Cover

This may or may not work for your restaurant, but there is an opportunity to charge a cover or sell tickets in advance. This is especially a good idea if it’s a larger production or entertainment is expensive. Some examples of this may be a dinner mystery theatre or a larger production concert.

Plan Carefully

If you are thinking of hosting a special event, make sure to plan carefully there are a few pitfalls you will want to avoid.

First, the make sure everything is planned out and organized. This is the opportunity to wow new customers and you’ll want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Make sure the event is staffed correctly, the entertainment is up to par and additional details like security and parking have been addressed.

Also, make sure the event or entertainment complements the restaurant. The event needs to look like it belongs there, will be enjoyed by the guest and doesn’t look out of place or random.

Additionally, if guests are sitting longer for entertainment, make sure that doesn’t interfere with turning tables. Filled seats are good, but it doesn’t work if it’s filled with the same people, they are not ordering and new guests can’t be seated. Just, plan accordingly. Don’t plan a comedy night on the busiest dinner night of the week.

Final Thoughts

Events can increase business, traffic, and revenue for your restaurant. This also exposes your restaurants to a large number of potential clients and offers you the opportunity to showcase the best part of your restaurants – the décor, the menu, the ambiance. Plan carefully, and guests will be delighted, you’ll see increased revenue, and it will be a good time for all.

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